Call for Nominations for the Abby Goldsmith Young Activist Award

The Human Rights Council of North Central Florida is seeking nominations for the premiere recipient of the Abby Goldsmith Young Activist Award. The award is intended for a young person who has shown exceptional promise in achieving and furthering positive social change with regard to human rights and social justice.

The HRCNCF Board of Directors will select the award winner from nominations submitted by September 9. The award will be presented at a special Pride Days event on Thursday, October 22 at 7 PM titled “Celebrating Activism: The Life & Legacy of Abby Goldsmith” at the Pride Community Center of North Central Florida, 3131 NW 13th St., in Gainesville. The award will also include a stipend of $500 for the award recipient intended to be used for work toward human rights and social justice. There is no specific age requirement.

A longtime HRCNCF Board member, Abby Goldsmith left an enduring legacy of activism in a broad array of areas regarding human rights and social justice. The Gainesville Iguanapublished an excellent profile of Abby Goldsmith's life and legacy.

To nominate someone (or to nominate yourself) for the award, please fill out the application provided below and email responses to by September 9.

  1. Nominee's name, email and phone contact.
  2. What work relating to human rights and social justice has the nominee achieved?
  3. What work has the nominee done relating to furthering LGBT rights?
  4. What work would the nominee like to do in the future relating to human rights and social justice?
  5. Describe anything else about the nominee that you would like the HRCNCF Board of Directors to know.
  6. Submitted by _____[your name]______, dated ____________.